The True Soul of Artisan blogging

Last week the Irish Arts Blog got featured on the Irish Examiner and things are looking good for the blog.

But I don’t want to just focus on Irish Artists in this blog. There are some really wonderful international artisan bloggers out there and in this post, I am going to draw your attention to some of them.

I  particularly like Bloggers who are whimsical, fanciful and playful.

Thanks to Cliodhna Quinlan, I have discovered Vanessa Valencia of A fanciful twist. This is a most astonishing blog, wonderfully inventive, with fantastic attention to detail and sense of comedy. Her stories are long, but highly entertaining and well written. She uses sequences of images that look like stills from a movie plot and a wonderful sense of fun emanates from it all.

I find that Artisans are mostly meditative and introspective by nature. They have a sense of the present, nature and the shifting of season. You get a feeling of calmness and sociability from their blogs. Artists like Jenny Vorwaller look beyond their art and apply their mindfulness to other aspects of their lifestyle in a manner which is refreshing and inspirational.

Rima Staines is another blogger new to me. She’s an artist and animator and her blog really is a treat for the eclectic eye. Here is a wonderful animation from her, set to the music of Polly Paulusma:

So these are some artisan bloggers who I admire. I believe art made out of love is inspirational, and the more we surround ourselves with it, the more elevated our mood and consciousness become.

These are reasons why I believe art blogging is so important. We need to resurrect our connection with Art, Nature and our Intuition.

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